Get Your Billions Back America (And the Rest of the World too!)

April 6, 2015 Nlyte Software

Data Center Operators are wasting Billions of Dollars

Data Center Operators are wasting Billions of Dollars

With income tax season upon us, this sound-bite is probably resonating in the back of your mind since it plays regularly on a series of television commercials for one of America’s most famous Income Tax preparation services providers.  In these TV ads, they make the point that each taxpayer should only pay the minimum income tax required by law, but many people OVER PAY because it’s just too hard to figure out. Their point is that tax laws and financial processes are so complicated, that people like you and I likely pay too much in taxes for lack of a better insight into what is proper. That understanding of “proper” is the main service they offer; to help you and I understand and align our country’s tax laws with our own finances and determine our specific requirements for legal compliance, allowing us to pay exactly the right amount of taxes that we are required to pay by law. In essence, this service provider is claiming that American tax payers are over paying by BILLIONS and these same taxpayers should want their BILLIONS BACK!

That brings me to DCIM. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!

Huh? What I mean is that the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT can be made about the operation of your data center. Data center managers and operators want to do the right thing, but they simply do not have the tools or understanding to do so. They do not have any reasonable level of granular detail about the massive structure or the multitude of processes already in use within the data center. Consequently, there is vast misalignment between the IT services that are actually needed to run the business and the IT structure that has been built up to support that business. Since most data centers have grown up over long periods of time, they are simply poorly documented, inconsistent, expensive and in most cases out of control. The majority of IT professionals could be accurately described as tactically just keeping their operational head above water. New initiatives take what seems like forever to accomplish since these professionals are building their new projects upon this delicate and aging foundation of sand which has to be reviewed and studied every time someone wants to touch anything in the data center. In the current process, data center operators are over-spending LITERALLY BILLIONS of dollars ineffectively building, changing and expanding these data centers.  They just don’t know what they have. Each time they make a change, they cross their fingers and HOPE thresholds won’t be exceeded and required new resources will be able without blowing a breaker or over-heating a rack. And the future is even worse since it just compounds these issues left unchecked.

Now this may sound like a broken record, but running IT “like a real business” is really what matters today. Successful “real businesses” know what they need to do, know what their product business is, and know specifically how they will get there. They know their costs to deliver those products or services, and they have stated financial metric goals- and those goals are directly related to committed timeframes and planned growth. These most successful business operators have the ability to make strategic changes along the way, but they stay the strategic course with regards to processes, delivery, fiscals and quality. Now it’s pretty clear that the vast majority of IT leaders want to run their IT shops like real businesses, but the reality is they simply don’t have the right tools to do so. They want to provide top notch IT services at the minimum cost, but they just don’t know what those costs are. And most importantly, they want to be predictable and supportable, but don’t have the organization-wide discipline to support these ‘soft’ goals.

That is what Nlyte brings to our customers; Predictable results, fiscal visibility, capacity forecasting, process consistency and absolute accountability. We bring asset lifecycle management with a high degree of defendability for each and every action undertaken. Other interested parties (like the CEO or CFO) can take a peek into the inner workings of the data center (at the technology or business level) and have a precise picture of what is happening and WHY it is happening. Nlyte pioneered this concept of giving stakeholders visibility into IT, and has been delivering it for years.

I always say, most IT professionals that have been in place for a dozen years or more love screwdrivers, but hate pens. Want to be a HERO? Just ask us to show you how to get your BILLIONS back by using our ‘pen’! (Your mileage may vary)

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