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Nlyte8 Data Center Service Management11.28.17

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P R O D U C T B R I E F NLY TE 8. 2 01 Nlyte Key Features Capacity Planning - Optimize the use of data center assets, space and energy Asset Management - Know what you have and where, and optimize your asset tech refresh cycles Reporting - Automate the measurement and evaluation of your data center operations Monitoring & Alarming - Manage thresholds and alarms with real-time data collected from your assets, cabinets and data center Connection Management - Avoid downtime troubleshooting connections with robust power and network visualization Workflow Management - Execute changes more efficiently down to the data center floor Virtualization Integration - Link your virtualization layer to your physical and logical layers with hypervisor connectors for VMware, Microsoft and Citrix CMDB Integration - Synchronize configuration item information via connectors for BMC, HP and ServiceNow Change Management Integration - Centralize workflow process management and communication with connectors for BMC, HP, CA and ServiceNow Nlyte 8.2 Data Center Service Management. Unmatched. Nlyte Key Benefits • Improves data center operational excellence and optimizes the use of its power, cooling, space and assets • Reduces the cost, time and risk of migrations and consolidations • Decreases the business risk and expense caused by unplanned downtime due to human error • Defers the CapEx for new data center build-outs by identifying stranded resources • Manages power expense and improves PUE • Provides visibility into key business metrics • Helps establish consistent ITIL best practices • Improves business decision-making via long-term capacity planning capabilities • Significantly reduces the cost of executing a technology refresh IT infrastructure is growing in importance as the applications it supports become a more integral part of business success. As a result, data centers have become even more critical to an organization's overall IT function. Effective oversight and management of IT assets, resources and processes is indispensable. Nlyte 8.2 delivers "One Pane of Glass" to manage your data center, giving you unmatched flexibility to seamlessly: Move between the major layers of the data center stack • ITSM Solutions & Processes • Asset Management • Facilities and Resource Management Move across "time" • Past- Historical information & trends • Present- Real-time information • Future-Planning and predictive capabilities Execute processes • Automatically • Manually kick off processes • Ad-hoc

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