NYT Article: More digital media users mean more data centers (which affects the planet)

September 25, 2012 Nlyte Software

This past week an article was published by the New York Times which discussed the impacts of data centers upon the planet. It correctly pointed out that more converging digital age progress (like smartphones and tablets) begets more digital media users, which requires more information accessibility and more data center capacity. It goes on to say that this additional data center capacity consumes more energy, land and water and puts larger amounts of carbon in the air.

Perhaps missed, the BIG point to be made is that the challenge we are facing is NOT about the ABSOLUTE AMOUNT of energy or other resources being consumed that is the problem, it’s the efficiency on a per-transaction basis that is the real opportunity. The Green Grid started the efficiency measurement game 5 years ago with PUE, but hasn’t stopped there. They have since published both Carbon and Water metrics (CUE and WUE) and are in the final stages of releasing the DCeP metrics which will focus on transactional overhead. Transactional overhead is a concept that relates to the costs to process data, not just to run equipment blindly. Users in the digital age consume information, not equipment. How that information is provided to users is part of the process of innovation at the fingertips of IT professionals today. Per Unit of Work efficiency is really the topic that matters.

Nlyte has ALWAYS believed that efficiency in the data center is about the business processes over long periods of time regarding resource planning. Nlyte’s DCIM software allows full lifecycle management of resources, all the way from from the applications and virtualization, down through equipment hardware and power chains. It’s all about pro-active resource management and Nlyte has focused on this capacity management task since day-1. The New York Times article successfully raises the awareness of the impact of the converging digital era upon the planet, and hopefully helps to accelerate the adoption of mission-critical, bet your business style ERP applications for this critical resource management task. DCIM is the ERP for the data center!  That’s what we do (and we have hundreds of the biggest names on this planet using our solutions everyday to do this!)

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