Everything as a Service! DCIM has reached its stride…

May 19, 2014 Nlyte Software

The world of IT is changing rapidly and nearly every conceivable IT offering is now being introduced by various vendors “AS A SERVICE”. Doing a quick Google search, and talking to your main IT vendors, you’ll see Desktop as a service, Internet as a Service, Storage as a Service, EMAIL as a Service, Platform as a Service, Network as a Service, Data Center as a Service and the grand-daddy of them all, Software as a Service (which I would humbly offer is where the “X as a Service” started). In fact one of the first wildly popular SaaS offerings was Salesforce.com who proved that users of enterprise-class solutions would be happy to have certain types of applications offered per month and per user and delivered instantly.

Nlyte's DCIMaaS On-Demand Delivers!

Nlyte’s DCIMaaS On-Demand Delivers!

DCIM is no different and the strongest of the DCIM players, like Nlyte, have realized this and introduced their offerings for “DCIMaaS”. It just makes sense. Any well built web-based application that needs to be used by large numbers of users scattered across many locations is a perfect candidate to be offered as a service. DCIM as a Service from Nlyte was introduced last fall and is gaining tremendous attention by users and analysts alike.

What are the benefits in purchasing DCIM as a Service? The primary benefit of DCIMaaS is the ability to manage costs in a predictable fashion. Nlyte’s On-Demand offering can be instantly deployed at whatever scale is needed and by users that are located at any location within the organization. Nlyte regularly finds dozens of users in several locations benefitting from our software, and those users are supporting 4 or more large data centers, along with a fair number of smaller or co-lo centers. DCIMaaS changes the economics of DCIM since there is a relatively small initial investment, and in general DCIMaaS changes all costs from a capital expense line item to an operations expense line item (eliminating the need to depreciate investments over time). Whereas larger customers may struggle when faced with capital purchases of $250K or more for DCIM on-premise and all of the planning and additional management required, they may find it much easier to justify a monthly expense of say $10K or so knowing that they do not have to build or maintain the new application and all backend management is handled for them. DCIMaaS also provides a means to get full-featured high-value capabilities without the traditional deep commitments required for high cost purchases. Historically many customers have been forced to resolve this issue by purchasing much more limited and lower cost solutions or even worse, using generic brute-force tools like AutoCAD, Excel or Visio to handle this critical need. And then there is the on-going maintenance of yet another software package. DCIMaaS from Nlyte assures that the software upgrades are handled transparently on the backend and users will always have the latest and greatest versions of the software. And as if all of these reasons weren’t enough, there is no step function to deal with; as the user population and scale of the solution grows, the end-user of a SaaS solution like Nlyte’s On-Demand continues to be serviced without augmenting costly infrastructure or adding additional IT staff.

Whereas the initial “As A Service” frenzy started 15 years ago with applications like Salesforce.com, that was only the beginning of this common sense approach to IT and today entire IT departments are now being purchased as a service. In some cases it’s the magical lure of virtually unlimited and robust storage that is handled ‘by someone else’. In some cases its the immediate availability of business services without the need to become experts overnight. In nearly all cases, IT looks at the service-oriented means of delivery value as an approach to reduce cost and complexity, while increasing reliability and overall performance.

Nlyte introduced our On-Demand offering last fall and immediately found the level of interest to be high. The area of DCIM is a relatively new category of solution, and the enterprises of the world now look at Nlyte’s On-Demand SaaS as a means to ‘get there’ quickly and efficiency without sacrificing anything. Most importantly, its really up to the end-user how they would like our solution; On-Premise or On-Demand. Same great software, same great value!

Now if we could just figure out how to get “Starbucks As A Service”, I would be a happy camper…

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