What is DCIM & How Does It Work?

September 28, 2016 Mark Gaydos

What is DCIM?

Many people ask: “What is DCIM?”

The answer is, “Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).”

DCIM is a software solution for managing data center infrastructure and the resources it uses, optimizing both physical infrastructure and operations. As a software suite that bridges the traditional gap between IT and the facilities groups, DCIM reduces computing costs by identifying stranded power and repurposing it to support new applications or ITSM and facility devices.

DCIM also enables data center managers to make the best use of the physical resources available such as space and cooling. In addition, this innovation in data center management software enables seamless integration of the data center into the enterprises’ other business management solutions for asset lifecycle management, process management, data management, capacity planning, budgetary planning and other important systems.

Over the years, DCIM has proven its worth as a vital component of a well-run data center facility. But it’s just the beginning. It is the foundation upon which Data Center Service Management (DCSM) is built.

DCSM is a software solution that helps data center operators automate the management of all elements that are part of the service they provide.

DCSM augments DCIM by providing a workflow manager that helps manage processes and people within the data center. It also integrates all these processes and information with other IT systems that are dependent on the data center, such as ITSM solutions.

Simon Brickett, Head of Data Center Services at Computacenter and a long-time Nlyte customer says, “It never ceases to surprise me that there are major data centers in operation today that don’t have a DCIM tool like Nlyte. Data center architects who use manufacturers’ specifications design many data centers using theory. Unlike people operating those data centers, we know what is really happening in our data centers. This means that we can run them to the optimum efficiency and pass these benefits on to our customers.”

 DCIM software solutions produce quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI) almost immediately upon installation.

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