• Software Asset Management (SAM) 101

    Software Asset Management (SAM) 101

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  • DCIM Pour Les Nuls

    DCIM Pour Les Nuls

    Ce livre explique l’importance du DCIM, décrit les composants clés d’une solution DCIM moderne, vous guide dans la sélection de la solution DCIM correcte pour vos besoins particuliers.

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  • DCOI For Dummies

    DCOI For Dummies

    This book describes what DCOI is looking for in a data center and what data center management needs to do to comply with the requirements that the DCOI lays out.

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  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For Dummies

    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For Dummies

    This book explains the importance of DCIM, describes the key components of a modern DCIM system, guides you in the selection of the right DCIM solution for your particular needs.

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