Best Practices When Selecting a Colocation

June 6, 2019

The shift to hybrid models of operation is here to stay. Enterprises are battling accelerated demand and increasingly complex workloads and, as such, colocation in particular is forming a key part of the overall IT strategy. Providing lower operational costs and low-risk, it is an attractive alternative to private data center investment, and has led to a far more competitive colocation market for enterprises to choose from. Beyond the physical space itself, the market competition has led to data center architecture and performance intelligence being assessed more closely. The most competitive providers are offering high level features such as managed services, real-time intelligence and more advanced technologies. In this fast-moving market, what should businesses think about when selecting a provider? Tune into this webinar to uncover key considerations when implementing colocation projects including: Driving real-time visibility on resource-usage and performance to make data-based decisions. Reduce risk of downtime. Optimize consumption and reduce operational costs. Automating tasks and understanding facility performance.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For Dummies

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