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Nlyte Application Tracker Track, Identify, Improve 1 Nlyte Next Generation Application Tracker provides organizations with a complete understanding of how employees interact with their IT assets and how these assets support them in meeting their business objectives. Application Tracker provides: • Identification of redundant, under or improperly utilized IT assets (asset management) • Accurate software license management • Accurate billing and charge back • Server consolidation based on actual usage • Full IT policy compliance • Full internal security policy compliance • Identification of training requirements • Identification of IT infrastructure requirements • Legacy system audit reporting for usage or retirement Nlyte Application Tracker is a complete business process solution designed specifically to address the interaction of computer hardware and software with an organization's staff. Application Tracker delivers understanding of how computers are used, when, and by whom. This information provides the ability to analyze the efficiency of an organization's working processes. Inefficiencies and low performance areas can then be identified and corrected and the proper procedures and policies implemented to ensure maximum return on asset investments (ROI). Until now, asset management and metering software have been limited to reporting on the device or application and its basic properties. Nlyte's next generation Application Tracker bridges the important gap between the device and the user, to provide an understanding between the organization's assets and business processes. Asset Tracker is a performance management and monitoring tool that provides mission critical information on an organization's most critical resources. Nlyte Asset Tracker enables the ability to: • Manage hardware and software asset usage • Monitor software license inventory • Analyze and improve business processes • Implement, manage and monitor IT policy PRODUCT OVERVIEW Nlyte Application Tracker (global software efficiency) • Accurate software license management • Accurate billing and charge back • Based on actual usage

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