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Nlyte's Asset Explorer Connector For Microsoft SCCM Bolsters the Security and Asset Integrity of an organization's SCCM tool 1 The Nlyte Asset Explorer purpose-built connector for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) enables IT organizations to perform Discovery, Mapping, and Reporting Reconciliation against the SCCM data base. This connector helps close the gaps with Microsoft's SCCM tool that include scattered security controls, management server overhead, and inefficient reporting engines and dashboards. Nlyte's new connector for SCCM helps organizations with these types of issues: • The SCCM agent having been removed, outdated, or disabled • DNS system giving false positives - assets decommissioned but they show as active • The SCCM agent has not been installed • Inability of security teams and asset managers to determine if software patches have been properly deployed through the organization How it works Nlyte Asset Explorer discovers and catalogs all devices and their attributes connected to an organization's network, and establishes a Technology Asset Baseline. The SCCM connector then queries the SCCM database and matches it to the baseline. Nlyte Asset Explorer DATA SHEET produces a report that identifies all the Microsoft installed applications and highlights the differentials to what is being reported in SCCM. The addition of Nlyte's SCCM connector to Asset Explorer will bolster an organization's confidence that security updates can be delivered to all Microsoft related equipment, validating user entitlements and cost center assignments. Key things the IT organization will realize: • As an enabling technology solution, it can feed other IT and business systems improving transparency, cost management, and risk reduction • Alert SCCM managers what devices do not have a valid agent • Provide Security teams a view of all assets (physical and virtual) and match to SCCM for gap reconciliation • Identify ghost systems for the DNS team • Query platforms not accessible by SCCM • Reconcile systems to correct cost centers and departments • Validate the agent is installed, configured, and operational

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