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1 Summary of our discussion: IT infrastructure continues to grow in importance and complexity due to the application's growth explosion, numerous avenues of applications development and procurement, and the changing role of the data center as it evolves across traditional boundaries. In this world of rapid and continuous change, the question often arises of how to manage this new environment. How to manage all IT service management tools, platforms and concepts applied to address the need to have availability, functionality, speed of response, speed of change and modifications, mapping and monitoring assets that align with customer and business expectations? Introduction – Where we begin: Within this third paper, we will continue the journey of inquiry to define how ITIL is both applicable and utilized within the changing ITSM environment. It will be explained as to why ITIL guidelines and processes work in conjunction with DCIM and ITSM tools, platforms and concepts to effectively work with the various IT and data center assets and applications. This discussion will include: 1. Definitions of terms to develop a common basis of understanding. WHITE PAPER 2. Identifying the pieces of the IT environment: a. Data center infrastructure b. IT elements and assets c. Applications and software 3. Identifying the desired outcomes from the IT environment: a. Alignment of IT and business outcomes b. Who are your customers i. Internal customers ii. External customers 4. Management systems, tools and platforms for the delivery of IT services 5. Putting the pieces together; operational architecture functions: a. Discovery b. Cataloging c. Configuration d. Monitoring e. Operating f. Maintaining g. Upgrading or replacing 6. The DCIM operational architecture and ITIL working together. 7. The DCIM operational architecture and BMS working together. Applying Tools and Processess to IT Service Management The Flow of process to execution ITIL - ITSM - DCIM Nlyte Whitepaper Series 3 of 3

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