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26 Q4 IoT ata centre professionals have always used a type of IoT; they had to, given the heterogeneity of their environment. Not surprisingly, data centres are now at the forefront of the IoT movement. But IoT presents itself to the data centre in different ways. e data centre professional needs to see IoT within, across, and outside in. Let's consider each of these in turn. Within the data centre – a battleground e battle-hardened data centre veteran knows that the data centre is a hostile environment consisting of many thousands of equipment items from many vendors, many of which were not designed to work together. Inconsistent equipment behaviour (e.g. the same model UPS from the same provider manufactured at different times can behave differ- ently) and differing protocols, data semantics (is that value Watts or Kilowatts?) and security mechanisms, result in an environment which quickly forms a vortex of complexity, defying easy management. The power of three D Enzo Greco, chief strategy officer for Nlyte Software outlines the three IoTs of the data centre and what they mean. Federation and aggregation of data centre monitoring, control and reporting must span all facilities, from core to colo to edge

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