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Nlyte Workload Asset Management 1 Nlyte empowers organizations to optimize their entire enterprise technology stack as the go-to authority on workload asset management and strategic compute infrastructure solutions. The data center has evolved and is perceived as a corporate nerve center, essential for business continuity. These facilities form the backbone of our daily life, from video streaming to commerce and banking, their importance will only increase with the expansion of digitization and the continual stream of new services. Traditional data centers, being extraordinarily expensive to build and run, are being scrutinized for reducing costs and risks, while increasing flexibility. There are a number of factors such as cooling, power, and space that contribute to high-performance data centers - what tops the list is effective workflows. Hybrid compute infrastructures are being implemented for the optionality they provide. This hybrid approach includes traditional data center, cloud computing infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS), software in the cloud (SaaS), shared facility via colocation provider, Edge, and Remote office (ROBO). Cost, flexibility, and performance vary across the hybrid environment allowing an organization to place their workloads accordingly. SOLUTION BRIEF However, the inability to understand and plan for growth and efficiently leverage the various options to run workloads is the biggest challenge facing CIO's and traditional data center operations. A survey by Uptime Institute, says that 48 percent of C-suite executives do not have the right information and solutions in place to optimize their workloads. It all boils down to optimizing the entire enterprise environment from the critical facility up to the software to enable workloads to run optimally. As such, Nlyte's comprehensive off-the-shelf software solutions empower organizations to optimize their workload infrastructure across all technology-based assets (facility, compute, and IoT). Nlyte is the leading solution provider workload asset management and strategic compute infrastructure solutions. Nlyte's core experience emerged from the data center to offer an enterprise solution. Nlyte automates discovery, workflow management, and reporting across the entire technology stack—physical, virtual, and edge—including software, and IoT devices. With Nlyte, IT, facilities, and business units in organizations can optimize their critical workloads through intelligent insight and comprehensive management of the underlying assets.

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