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Nlyte DCIM Post Implementation Best Practices

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1 Nlyte wants your DCIM implementation to be successful and always operational. These post implementation best practices have come from years of helping organizations like yours to get the most out of their Nlyte DCIM implementation. Nlyte's Customer Service, Professional Services, Product Management, and Education team provide the following items for you to be successful. Fundamental Best Practices s Don't try to do everything all at once. A slow, steady implementation path will lead to the greatest success s Plan, communicate, drive the plan s Maintain current version of the Software s Do not make configuration changes to your environments without documenting each and every thing you do s Use Web Services only, do not make changes to the backend SQL database, operating in the backend is not supported by Nlyte s Do not run unauthorized scripts on the backend, only run Nlyte Engineering authorized scripts s Clarify ambiguities, refer to the documentation and / or send a note to Nlyte Customer Support s Ensure task assignment are only given to individuals who understand the fundamentals and concepts of the task (i.e. power, cooling, weight distribution, cabling, etc.) s Think beyond your current task understand the answers before you start. Every asset within a datacenter is interrelated and has dependencies (i.e. network cards, peripherals, power requirements, network connectivity requirements, etc.) Education s Identify the key users and ensure they understand the areas of the tool that team will utilize s Provide training for users – tell them upfront why they have been selected and how you plan to use the tool within the organization at a high level s Have training as close to the go live as possible s Have a sandpit for the team to practice on after the training, so the skills taught are not lost s Ensure the pre training checklist items are met prior to the class to avoid training delays s Make sure new resources are thoroughly trained Nlyte DCIM Best Practices – Post Implementation

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