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The Challenge Pulling information together from multiple sources to provide required information for audits and compliance reports is a major obstacle for most organizations. These sources and "systems" include everything from spreadsheets to post-it-notes, among a myriad of other 3rd party applications across siloed work groups. Collecting all the asset management information below in a single source of record is imperative. This process is the first part of building a compliance plan. The second part is proving the data is current and accurate while producing the required reports on demand which closes the gap. s Who has access s Currency of data s Consistency of data s Cross systems validation s Traceability, Accountability s Discrepancy, breach notification s Security of physical & software assets s Change management process and validation Historical approaches leverage manual and cobbled together solutions that are rife with inaccuracies, dependent on incompatible systems, and prone to human error. A proper Workload Asset Management solution is able to automate collecting all of the information in the central repository from various physical and virtual sources and locations. The Workload Asset Management solution will then validate the data, match it to the technology asset baseline, and highlight deltas and changes. The data, now in a single source of truth can be matched up, from an accountability perspective, to other systems producing discrepancy, audit, and compliance reports. Nlyte helps organizations break away from the painful, and mainly manual, process to automate these tasks. Our Workload Asset Management solution automates the discovery, collection, and reporting through simple clickable buttons. The solution eliminates weeks and months of trying to collect information, normalizing, and rationalizing it. The Nlyte Workload Asset Management solution assists the organization in: s Tracing and accounting for all assets on the network s Identify discrepancies s Highlighting potential security issues s Inventory of all assets, components and attributes s Validating against the change management process and highlighting discrepancies 1 Compliance Data Management and Reporting Brief HIPPA, HITRUST, PCI, SOX, GDPR, ISO, DCOI, etc.

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