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Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) Product Overview

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Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) Mitigate, Measure, Maximize Product overview Nlyte eNergy oPtiMizer (Neo) 0 1 In today's on-demand world, an enterprise needs the visibility and agility to react quickly to changes in the state of its data centers. The health of a data center's infrastructure is paramount to an IT organization's mission to deliver high quality services on time and cost effectively. Our comprehensive monitoring covers all major protocols and devices as well as reporting. In addition, we have advanced monitoring and alarming capabilities including up-to-the-minute event management and the associated analytics required for proactively managing data center infrastructure. Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) can ensure IT service continuity, driving real-time analytics into ITSM ecosystems. The breadth and depth of our offerings provides unmatched visibility, insight and solutions into all aspects of your monitoring and alarming needs. Mitigate: • Proactively anticipate & analyze at-risk scenarios to steer you clear of failures • Quickly identify unused and under-usedpower infrastructure to reduce your costs • Avert bottlenecks with global visibility and metrics into worldwide operations Measure: • Produce actionable dashboards and alerts to yield actionable insight • Provide "What-If" simulations and resiliency analysis to further your business intelligence • Track real-time data and feed real-time analytics into Big Data and 3rd party applications Maximize: • Maximize your uptime, capacity and assets via simulated failures (so you can plan ahead) • Maximize your agility to act with up-to-the-minute updates and alerts • Maximize your reach with the most industry-leading pre-built integrations Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) Use Cases Power Failure Simulation and Prevention Energy Capacity Planning Energy Optimization & Cost Reduction Improve Labor Savings Branch Circuit Monitoring Co-location Operations Bi-Direction Integrationwith ITSM VirtualPDU Enhanced Busmains & Tapoffs Alarm Workflow Benefits • Simulate power failures to ensure redundancy and harden critical energy systems • Gain greater insight and ability to manage energy needs today and tomorrow • Improve control of energy and cooling resources to drive down costs • Enable facility and IT personnel to collaborate more easily and do their jobs more quickly • Reduce energy costs while tracking key metrics • Enables co-location providers to gain visibility on tenants usage of resources • Provide power and environmental information to ITSM systems for more accurate operations and costing • Enable software to eliminate the need for expensive intelligent PDUs • Provides a feature-rich view into current and historical power use • Integrates alarms originating and tracked in Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO) into full workflow process-including full ITSM integration

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