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C A S E S T U DY CASE STUDY 0 1 COMPANY NAME: Cisco Systems HEADQUARTERS: San Jose, CA, USA INDUSTRY: Networking equipment PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Networking Device, Network Management, Teleconferencing REVENUE: $49.24 billion (2016) EMPLOYEES: 70,000+ WEBSITE: DATA CENTER ENVIRONMENT As the largest networking company in the world, Cisco's requirements and demands for data centers to support offices and operations in 90+ countries are formidable. Among Cisco's 6,000+ racks across 26 data centers, six of the data centers are highly distributed. By definition, a highly distributed data center has devices and services deployed across the entire data center instead of being confined to certain areas. The result: any device can be found in any location. Like Google, Facebook and Amazon, Cisco uses highly distributed data centers to operate their cloud environment but with a software-defined data center (SDDC) managing the infrastructure. Remarkably, these complex data centers were originally managed with spreadsheets and then by an in-house tool before Nlyte came along. ASSESSING THE CHALLENGES For all their advantages, highly distributed data centers come with a host of challenges: • Sheer Size: The larger it is, the harder it is to manage. Each time another row is added, the need arises to deal with the fixed infrastructure to connect the two. What's economical for infrastructural buildouts is not necessarily efficient for space management • Number of Devices: The need to manage more devices simultaneously, versus one at a time, arises in tandem with data center growth. This translates into more support required for device management • Different Types of Devices: Compute networking and storage both have different infrastructure requirements inside and outside the cabling plan, from the number of power racks to connection with fixed infrastructure • Balancing Weight Distribution: Storage racks weigh a great deal more than compute or networking racks. Proper balancing is essential for stability • Balancing Cooling: Closely related to power, cooling is also a critical component to ensure proper functioning and longevity of the data center NLYTE PLATINUM EDITION RISES TO THE CHALLENGE Given the daunting list of challenges associated with managing a highly distributed data center, Simon Albon, Senior Engineer at Cisco, believes that having the right tools and right processes is the winning formula for achieving faster ROI. Right Tools: • Physical Asset Management: The foundation of managing any data center is managing the physical assets. Nlyte's end-to-end "dock to decom" asset lifecycle management, including Bulk Allocation, Discover, Nlyte Receiving and Audit, eliminates blind spots in asset management "Nlyte workflows are awesome. In fact, it was one of the primary reasons we chose Nlyte over the competition as no one else has a workflow engine." Simon Albon Senior Engineer, Cisco Systems

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