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Nlyte Audit Robust Portable Asset Audit 1 A vast amount of change occurs in any common data center due to the various types of required remediation, refresh, and reconfiguration tasks. Extreme discipline surrounding workflows and change orders can keep your Nlyte Content Database (CDB) up to date so it accurately reflects your data center at every point in time. However, due to change activity outside the defined best practices which results in untracked and therefore unmanaged changes, it is critically important to regularly audit the accuracy of the DCIM managed environment, much like any inventory management system that relies upon checks and balances. It is not uncommon to find 20% or more new assets in a data center than what is on record during a proper audit. 1 The challenge lies from an operational standpoint – do you have an easily repeatable auditing front end process to manage your production asset repository? For the majority of companies, the answer has been "no." Existing bar code systems and handheld scanners typically are not well integrated into any other management systems becoming yet another island of knowledge and thus not actionable. Manual entry poses even more challenges and can introduce new errors. DATA SHEET Manage change at the location of change itself with Nlyte Audit. Nlyte Audit answers these challenges with a user-friendly experience for the portable auditing of cabinets and IT devices. Nlyte Audit greatly reduces the time to install equipment, capturing changes and improving data accuracy and reliability – at the location of change itself. It was built with insights derived from thousands of man- hours of auditing experience using any combination of inexpensive handheld barcode scanner in conjunction with a tablet. It allows a user to scan an asset tag, confirm its information or add it to the Nlyte Content Database all online (or with the ability to synch offline). In the case of a new asset being added, you simply choose from a pick list the Nlyte parameters (there are typically only 13) e.g. material type, slot row, U number, then scan the serial number – and you're done. With Nlyte Audit, you can manage change at the location of the change itself. 1 Nlyte finds on average 21% more assets in their clients' data centers than they had on record pre-audit. Nlyte Audit Key Features • Barcode-enabled quick audit to scan-in data avoids manual entry, reduces human error and saves time • Streamlined modern UI purpose built for tablet devices • Fast and easy to navigate • Security and Logging - who's done what • Validate audit data real time for Assets, Cabinets and Chassis • Reporting

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