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Nlyte Extends the Reach of Your Change Management

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UNLOCK THE BLACK BOX: EXTENDING THE REACH OF YOUR CHANGE MANAGEMENT W H ITE PA P E R www.nlyte.com EXTENDING THE REACH OF YOUR CHANGE MANAGEMENT WORKFLOW | SEPTEMBER 2014 01 ACCOUNT FOR THE IMPACT OF CHANGE ON DATA CENTER PHYSICAL ASSETS Businesses are more dependent than ever on information technology to deliver services that create value. Organizations are constantly enhancing and updating their applications and systems and fine-tuning their infrastructure to maintain an edge. This kind of agility requires a comprehensive view of the entire IT infrastructure. What is needed is a complete Change Management system that takes physical and logical components into account. Most mature companies have implemented IT Service Management software (e.g., from HP, BMC Software, CA, or ServiceNow) and these systems include Change Management components, designed to manage changes to services and the un derlying business processes and operations. On closer examination, however, they tend to offer the manager only a superficial view of change as it affects IT assets and configuration items (CIs). Typically, these systems stop short of accounting for the underlying changes required in the IT physical infrastructure. The crucial but complex changes in the physical layer – inside the Data Center – often are not visible to your organization's Operations Teams. To decision-makers, the Data Center is a black box – introducing the risk that key steps will be overlooked or misunderstood. Nlyte Software, the leading suite provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions, provides pre-built so ftware connectors, built on a robust, flexible framework, for leading ITSM platforms to bridge this gap between Change Management and the Data Center. By integrating the Nlyte DCIM platform with your ITSM system, you can connect your Move-Add-Change requests with the physical infrastructure of the data center itself – unlocking the black box to understand how the changes in your service management affect the physical resources of the Data Center. KEY BENEFITS OF NLYTE INTEGRATION WITH YOUR ITSM CHANGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Improve decision making with an aligned change management and data center infrastructure system. • Save time and effort while lowering risk by coordinating disparate change request systems. • Improve the financial ledger of your assets with accurate asset lifecycle management – get updates as changes occur. • Streamline changes throughout the asset lifecycle from pre-procurement to end-of-life/ decommissioning. • Support audit and compliance requirements by including documentation in the change management process. • Improve Mean Time to Repair – improve Service Desk SLAs by tying location, connectivity and physical resources to ITSM requests. • Accelerate root-cause analysis as physical location and connectivity of assets/CIs and applications become visible to the ITSM environment. SYNCHRONIZING WORKFLOWS BETWEEN THE SERVICE AND PHYSICAL LAYERS The Nlyte Workflow Manager is a powerful workflow engine that can either operate independently or connect with industry- leading ITSM Change Management solutions. Nlyte provides integrated workflow management to drive your business change from your service desk down to the Data Center floor.

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