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1 INTRODUCTION An organization considering implementing DCIM into their data center or across their entire compute infrastructure faces many questions. A few of these are: • Can we build this in-house? • Will we need to re-architect our environment to accommodate the solution? • How much disruption will there be in implementing it? • What is the long-term overhead to manage and maintain it? • Will we see or can we prove an ROI greater than the cost? These are valid questions and concerns and will be met with more on the discovery, selection, and implementation journey. This guide is intended to help identify the unknown questions and help guide you to the resources needed to answer all of them. Initially, for most organizations, DCIM is viewed as merely a tactical management tool, but they soon realize that it is a stepping-stone to a more strategic way to manage and operate their compute infrastructure. However, don't be overwhelmed by the end-game WHITE PAPER promise, focus on the small advancements and wins. The best part of a mature DCIM solution is it can grow with you: in scale, functionality, reach, and integration. The value realized from your DCIM implementation is directly related to the discipline with which it is used by the entire data center staff and how tightly integrated it is with other facility, IT, and business processes and software. While your end goal might be to reach the upper right of the DCIM Maturity Model (see diagram) you don't need to have a fully mature DCIM deployment to get tremendous value out of DCIM. Strategic Data Center Planning and Workload Asset Management are great aspirations, but just taking the first step, consolidating spreadsheets and floor plan diagrams into a consolidated Single Source of Truth, is affordably achieved returning huge benefits. Getting started with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) The IT Professional's Guide to Moving Beyond Spreadsheets and Diagrams

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