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SUPERCHARGING YOUR CMDB WITH NLYTE W H ITE PA P E R SUPERCHARGING YOUR CMDB WITH NLY TE | AUGUST 2014 01 RICHER, DEEPER INSIGHTS ON YOUR DATA CENTER'S PHYSICAL ASSETS IT organizations create value by delivering services. They need to continuously monitor the health and capacity of the IT infrastructure that supports the delivery of those services. Without accurate, updated data, they won't be able to efficiently manage their current IT configurations (nor understand underlying costs), let alone effectively plan for growth and change. Most mature companies have implemented IT Service Management software (e.g., from HP, BMC Software, CA, or ServiceNow) and built at least one Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for their asset and configuration data. They also will have discovered that, while their CMDB is filled with data on their IT assets, Configuration Management stops at the door to t he Data Center. This vital IT Service Management discipline does not prescribe any specific way to manage the physical assets in the Data Center, and CMDBs built using commercial tools tend to contain little if any information on the physical layer, focusing mainly on the operating system and above. Historically, in order to populate the CMDB with data / configuration items (CIs) for devices on the network, IT organizations generally use automated Discovery. Discovery software crawls the network and maps the Configuration Items (CIs) it finds, with logical connections to other CIs – e.g., the server chassis, inside of which might be a set of blades, housing virtual servers, and for each server there might be memory or a number of discs. The result is a database of CIs, but one without reference to the actual physical layout (down to a rack and U lo cation), nor its resource constraints (e.g. power, networking). Nlyte Software, the leading suite provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions, provides software connectors , built on a robust, flexible framework, for leading ITSM platforms and CMDB components to bridge this gap between Configuration Management and the Data Center. WHAT NLYTE AND CMDB TOGETHER ALLOW YOU TO DO • Add visual rendering and additional inter-relationship data to your CMDB's pre-existing, structured data. • More accurately plan for physical capacity: − Your CMDB knows what's in your data center, and what resources it needs. − Nlyte knows where each asset is, where it is in its lifecycle, and what will replace it and when. • Conduct more accurate IT Asset Management (ITAM) as Nlyte adds the required physical world attributes which enhance business planning. • Improve compliance, as Nlyte knows who worked with which assets, when, and where. THE NLYTE DATA REPOSITORY The Nlyte data repository provides a significantly deeper view of the physical CIs. The Nlyte repository shows not just what the asset is and what it is connected to, but its precise physical

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