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NLYTE SYSTEM UTILIZATION MONITORING 0 1 As data centers grow in scale and complexity, it is no longer sufficient to monitor space, power and cooling. System utilization, or the lack of, is increasingly being scrutinized as enterprises routinely discover upwards of 20% "ghost servers" that idly consume energy but serve no business function. In addition, with the DCOI (Data Center Optimization Initiative) mandate to aggressively consolidate and optimize governmental data centers by 2018, server utilization will be a key metric to monitor and manage. N-SUM extends real-time monitoring throughout the data center from the facilities layers and across the IT stack, providing the first end-to-end real-time utilization view. N-SUM is a highly scalable monitoring solution that enables customers to understand system utilization levels across the enterprise as a whole and down to specific assets, while supporting DCOI Server Utilization tracking. Ultimately, N-SUM empowers all infrastructure managers to leverage a comprehensive set of data to better eliminate waste, increase uptime, and ultimately meet or exceed their SLA objectives. Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring Optimizing your system utilization with real-time IT system and asset monitoring and reporting PRODUCT OVERVIEW Key Benefits: • Constantly monitors system utilization at the global, location and room levels to provide complete oversight • Identifies specific underutilized servers and "Ghost Servers" to raise utilization rate • Functions in conjunction with Nlyte Enterprise Edition to support reaching DCOI Server Utilization objectives. Key Features: • Provides dashboard views of server utilization at the global, location and room levels based on average CPU Utilization • Provides utilization and connection reports • CPU utilization and connection reports easily identify specific servers that are utilized, non-utilized and unreachable by Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring • Navigates directly to asset and host cabinet pages in Nlyte Enterprise Edition • Provides needed data to Nlyte Enterprise Edition to support DCOI Server Utilization dashboards

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