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Nlyte Discovery Agent-less Discovery & Inventory PRODUCT OVERVIEW NLYTE DISCOVERY 0 1 Nlyte Discovery is a full solution set that automatically collects and provides detailed information about every device connected to the network. The solution includes all the tools and technology to visualize the results of the discovered inventory of hardware, configuration, services/ processes and applications/software. Nlyte Discovery empowers organizations to automate the process of IT inventory discovery through the intelligent collection and normalization of asset information, without using software agents. It eliminates the manual steps in gathering and integrating asset information by automating the collection processes, thus reducing errors and cost. Leveraging the Nlyte architecture, the solution can be deployed in days. While other products rely on 3rd party tools or non-integrated subsystems to loosely gather IT data, Nlyte's connection framework is easily integrated with other enterprise applications. Scanning is built into the core architecture and provides the ability to not only collect IT data automatically but also to normalize and reconcile the data against the core Nlyte system. Complete Discovery Solution Nlyte Discovery includes key components necessary to intelligently manage today's complex IT organizations assets end-to-end. Nlyte Discovery includes its own reporting capabilities, scanning and data normalization and asset reconciliation to the core Nlyte system. This ensures that the assets within Nlyte automatically match the assets discovered on the data center network. How it Works Nlyte Discovery is built on iScanner, an automated discovery and inventory classification engine proprietary to Nlyte. iScanner is ubiquitous to protocols, actively scanning for the most robust mechanism to gather asset information. As an integrated component, iScanner can be centrally located or used as a remote collector, maximizing efficient bandwidth utilization and scalability. Furthermore, iScanner does not require a software agent (agent-less) or software distribution, thus reduces and simplifies the deployment, and does not put additional load on the asset or create new security vulnerabilities. Though fully automated, iScanner can be fully extended by configuration or target based CLI's or remote execution. No programming is required.

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